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The Magistral project devoted to surface transport routes optimization in Moscow
12 Октябрь 2021

Hello everyone, this is Maksim Liksutov!

There are about 1000 buses, electric buses and tram routes in Moscow. They perform different functions: somewhere they bring Moscow citizens to places of work, study and to metro stations and somewhere they work as the main and fast highway transport, such as metro or the Moscow Central Diameters.

In 2016, we revised the approach to the organization of the route network of surface transport in the city center – we launched the Magistral project. We have changed 49 routes, launched dedicated lanes, and made convenient transport hubs.

In some places it was necessary to wait for transport for a long time and to travel along a curved routes — but now buses run frequently and directly. Thanks to the Magistral, we connected the center of Moscow with fast highway routes and made surface transport predictable and convenient. Now our Magistral is one of the best in the world.

On behalf of the Moscow Mayor, we also have introduced a turnstile-free fare — «all-doors entrance», a predictable schedule and provided free interchanges within 90 minutes in all surface transport modes.

As a result of five-years operation of the Magistral it has become more comfortable to use surface transport in the center of Moscow: the dependence on the traffic situation and the waiting time have decreased and the total number of passengers has increased by a huge figure – +40%. Moscow citizens began to ride buses much more often — after all, it is very convenient now, so more and more residents began to trust surface urban transport.

For example, thanks to the new M2 route, passengers can comfortably get from Novy Arbat from the October Cinema in the city center to Prospekt Mira (an avenue in the northern part of Moscow). Previously, it would have taken 15 minutes, to walk to a metro station for another 35 minutes of a ride with two interchanges. There was no alternative. Previously, such route took 2 times more time. Now the M2 bus travel takes just 21 minutes without interchanges. 17 thousand people use this route every day.

It is obvious that the approach to organization of the routes, which was chosen 5 years ago, is effective, and we are getting ready to launch the Magistral in other districts of Moscow as well. You can read more about it here.

The principles will remain the same — reduction of headways, straightening of routes, introduction of new stops where it is convenient for passengers. This November, surface transport will become more user-friendly for 1,9 million residents of the Central Administrative District and Southern Administrative District — there will be fast, frequent routes of the updated Magistral project.

Moscow citizens will wait less for the transport, it will reduce the total travel time – passengers of surface transport of these districts will be able to save travel time by 30-40% for each trip.

There will be 56 new stops. One part will be for convenient interchanges between routes and the other part will cover the points of attraction of residents.

Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development

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