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Testovskaya station of the future MCD-4 will be the highest and the tallest one in Moscow
31 Август 2022

The new suburban station of the future 4th Moscow Central Diameter (MCD) is being built on one of the sections of the new connecting line between the Kievsky and Smolensky railway directions

It will be located at over 15 meters in height and will be a part of a major transport hub in the Moscow center, which will combine stations of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), MCD-1, MCD-4 and the Moscow Metro Line 4.

The new suburban station will be completed to Moscow Transport standards: passengers will be able to use lifts, escalators, turnstiles and ticket offices. There are already two platforms at the Testovskaya station of the future MCD-4 with a particular canopy - it not only protects from precipitation and sunlight, but also preserves more natural light and creates a single domed space. In addition to convenient infrastructure, Testovskaya MCD-4 will have a unique observation platform with an urban panorama: high-rise buildings, transport infrastructure and views on the Moscow River.

«On behalf of the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, the MCD-3 and MCD-4 preparations continue for their launch. With the opening of the new station Testovskaya MCD-4, passengers of the fourth diameter will have a modern, convenient suburban railway station with a high level passenger services and with interchanges to the metro, MCC and MCD-1. More than 110,000 residents of the Presnensky district will be able to build new routes through the capital and use another through line of the overground metro, which will connect 7 central railway stations and become the longest transport route in Moscow”, – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Extensive works are now being carried out to develop the two prospective MCD-3 and MCD-4. Their launch is planned for late 2023 - early 2024. In order to launch them, Moscow is undertaking extensive works to develop track infrastructure and construct new railway stations. After their launch, there will be 138 MCD stations on the overground metro network. The prospective MCD-3 Leningrad-Kazansky will create a new railway line with a 85 km, which will connect Zelenograd and Ramenskoye. There will be 41 stations on the new diameter. 14 of them are interchangble stations with 21 interchange options to the metro, MCC and other diameter stations. The MCD-4 Kievsko-Gorkovsky will run through the capital from west to east. It will be the longest transport route in Moscow, its length will be 86 km. With the MCD-4 launch, the railway network will include 37 stations and after 2025 the number of stations will increase to 39.

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